Modern Day Slavery and Financial Ponzi Scheme

The capital system today is a form of slavery. Most people work hard thinking that they will one day earn enough money to be able to retire when they get old. The reality is that they will never be able to save enough money to retire. This is the reality. This is true for people from the third world to the advanced industrial economies. The world's Central Banks/Federal Reserve Banks are expending the money supply at an unprecedented pace. One day the value of money will be worthless. The death of money is coming soon.

But before that happens, the modern day slavery system keep roaring along. The average Joe keeps working hard. The government takes a cut of his income in the form of taxes. He saves some whenever he can for retirement. Mean while the retirement funds that he bought bleeds him around 1% of his nest egg regardless of the return of his investments. His retirement investments consists of bonds and stocks.

Bond and Stocks is just another form of Financial Ponzi scheme that allows government and corporations to print money. Who is actually making the most money out of bond and stocks? Everybody that involves in bond and stocks trade other than the small investor.

What do Financial Statements and rice have in common?
They are cooked before consumed.