RV - Torque Chart

Why asking for torque spec? Just look at the size of the bolt, one should be able to estimate the torque needed.


Mind Mining

US is a society obsessed with tons of paperwork.
On average, how many hours do we spent on paper works.
From income tax reporting to Medical Billings to bank statements to retirements planning

Life should be simpler. All these should have been automated.

Mind Mining

WEB 3.0 is about to happen.
WEB 1.0 - Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay
WEB 2.0 - Google, Facebook, Social Media
WEB 3.0 - ??? Taucetizen

Mind Mining

One of the fundamentals of accumulating wealth is to own perpetual properties. By owning perpetual properties, one can enjoy the earnings generated by the property forever. However, the cost of acquiring the property can be very high. It all depends upon the risk of the ability of the property to generate earnings currently and in the future.

History - Added stock trading capabilities

09/12/2014 - Added stock trading capabilities


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